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Welcome to Temple TX Concrete, a company renowned for the value it has provided to homeowners in our immediate city of Temple and surrounding areas.

Our local concrete contractor company remains the preference of most of the homeowners living in this area because of the quality services we offer:

Prepping of Site

Whether you want to construct a driveway, patio, sidewalk, drainage solution, steps, curbs, concrete foundation, retaining walls, grading, exposed aggregates, ramps, decorative concrete, or concrete demolition, we are the trusted name in the Temple, TX area when it comes to adding beauty to a commercial, residential, or industrial property.

We do not take our job lightly and go the extra mile to ensure that the work we do is durable and built to scale different weather conditions. Everything from removing shrubs and rocks to the leveling and grading of the ground for a project is done professionally and with utmost care, This ensures that the concrete we build provides a solid foundation and eliminates any worries associated with buckling under little pressure.

Design & Equipment

Adding beauty to a property requires the expertise of professionals with the ability to pour concrete into any shape specified for a project. With so many years under our belt, clients are assured that their projects will come out just the way they want it to be. We have been able to surpass the expectations of our clients with each project that we undertake.

The best part is that we achieve this without burning a hole in the pockets of our clients. Since we are less wasteful in the use of resources, the reduction in project cost is passed on to our clients resulting in a saving on their part. Put simply, our price remains competitive in addition to the offer of quality services which are head and shoulders above that of the competition.

We are a member of our local business community and take pride in the delivery of quality service in each project that we undertake. In addition to the expertise of our staff, the use of quality equipment ensures that we complete a project as scheduled without delay.

Being a company which is compliant with good industry practice, our equipment is adequately maintained and serviced at the right time. We do not make use of faulty machines because we are an honest and reliable company.


One of the reasons why we have received so many positive reviews from clients who have done business with us is because we do not leave customers unhappy. We ensure that the concrete we pour is compacted and consolidated in order to eliminate the existence of air pockets. We are open to adding decorative elements such as a dye or any other detailed work to help bring out the beauty of a project.

Temple TX Concrete is a company dedicated to catering to the needs of its clients at all times. Call us today to speak with a concrete contractor about your next project in this wonderful city.

Temple Concrete Contractors

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