Why Does A Concrete Floor Needs A Sealer?

Whether you’ve got a nice concrete driveway or a beautiful concrete patio, youl surely want to make sure you do your best in making it last long and keeping it attractive. Concrete is an essential structural material because of its durability and strength. However, its porous nature makes it to easily absorb soluble salts and water, which can be harmful. Also, concrete absorbs chlorides from steel reinforcement embedded in it, resulting in corrosion issues in the long run.

A concrete sealer is a protective layer applied to a concrete surface to prevent stain, corrosion, and damage. It blocks concrete pores to reduce salts and water absorption. The use of concrete floor sealers will help in protecting your concrete in addition to several other benefits listed below.

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Importance of Concrete Floor Sealers

1. Easier Maintenance & Cleaning

A concrete floor that is sealed will be easy to maintain and clean because liquids and dirt will stay on its surface. It will be kept in a beautiful state with occasional mopping and sweeping – no need for any thorough brushing or scrubbing. This way, you’ll have more time for working out in the gym, instead of your concrete floor.

2. It Enhances Durability

Exposing exterior concrete floors to elements can cause scaling, cracking, and several other concrete floor issues to occur. However, sealing the concrete floor will enhance the concrete’s durability, preventing damages. In order to ensure your concrete floor works properly and looks great, concrete sealers are advisable.

3. It Prevents Mold

Concrete floors are porous, which implies that they absorb moisture. If the moisture does not get dried, it will result in mold. Mildew and mold can be formed on concrete floors that are left wet for long periods. This can result in some green discoloration appearing on the surface of your concrete floor. When the concrete is sealed, mold is prevented from growing. This helps to protect the concrete floor and makes it look better for a long period.

4. It Increases the Lifespan

Typically, average concrete driveways can last up to 25 years, but if they suffer from cracking or discoloration, they will have to be replaced earlier than planned. The use of concrete floor sealers will increase the longevity of the concrete floor. However, it’s essential to note that concrete floor sealers fade as well. Some concrete sealers are required to be applied after several years.

5. The Color is Enhanced

Concrete floors can get discolored when they are exposed to certain elements. This can give your concrete floor an old or dingy look. Using integral and topical concrete floor sealers can help to maintain the color of your concrete floor, as they’ll protect the concrete from such elements and make it look sharp and
clean for a long period.

6. It Offers Protection

Your concrete floor can get damaged by numerous things, so it is essential to have it protected. Concrete floor sealers can protect the concrete floor from the dangerous UV rays of the sun, engine oil stains and other stains. Also, concrete sealers will prevent moisture, so it won’t be damaged by thawing or freezing.

In conclusion, if you have concrete floors situated in areas prone to moisture in your home (a passage, bathroom, kitchen), using a concrete floor sealer with slip-resistant additives is a great idea.