5 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Contractor

Exceptional concrete services are delivered by an expert with the right tools, and experience required to construct a concrete that can stand the test of time. Though, finding such a contractor can be a daunting task.

Have you been facing this difficulty? If yes, following are expert-suggested tips that would help you pick a dependable, honest, and qualified contractor for your project.

1. Experience

Just like in any profession, concrete contractors with more years of experience are more competent than newbies. Why? Experienced contractors have handled several concrete projects. On that account, they have developed skills to complete even the most challenging concrete projects.

Inexperienced ones might make errors that would cost you more time, money, and resources.

2. Check the Contractor’s Reputation

After finding an experienced contractor, don’t rush to hire him or her. Instead, take your ample time to read their testimonials and reviews on yelp, Angie’s list, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, and other reliable review sites. You would want to avoid those concrete contractors with lots of negative reviews.

3. Licensing and Insurance

Good concrete contractors should have an active insurance policy to protect you from the liabilities that could result during the project. For that reason, before you hire one ask him or her to substantiate that they are insured.

If possible, call their insurance career to confirm that the contractor’s policy is active. Furthermore, you can as the insurance provider to clarify how the policy protects you and your property. Steer clear from uninsured contractors or those with an inactive policy.

In addition to the insurance, ensure that the contractor is licensed by the relevant authorities to offer his or her services in your area.

4. Request For References

Ask your contractor to recommend some of his past customers. You can call and ask the references if they were satisfied with the contractors’ services, and if it is possible, request the references to let you assess the concrete projects in person.

5. Have a Written Contract In Place

After finding an experienced, licensed, and insured contractor, request him or her to give you a detailed contract before they start working. A good contract should outline the estimated cost of the project, start date, concrete thickness, down payment, and approximate project duration.