What Is The Difference Between Concrete Resurfacing & Replacement?

To have your sidewalk or driveway more stable and less dusty and susceptible to mud, most people will opt to have it fitted with concrete slabs or have a concrete finishing.

Beautiful and durable as it is, exposure to nature’s forces and the time factor may cause the concrete to start wearing off by erosion or develop cracks in addition to having weeds and other plants sprout on its surface. This site can be such an eyesore to a place that needs to look appealing to visitors and homeowners alike.

However, this problem has a solution in form of concrete resurfacing or concrete replacement. Different in their approach to fixing the problem, both serve the same purpose of rejuvenating your driveway, sidewalk or patio and we will have a glance at both modes.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing is a mode of rejuvenation where the old or worn concrete surface is cleaned, cracks and holes are filled and then it is overlaid with a new layer of concrete atop the existing layer. To begin with, the whole surface is cleaned up and the sprouting weeds and plants are removed. It is advisable to use a high-pressure clean up to remove excess dirt grease and deteriorating concrete.

Holes and cracks will be filled up with a polymer concrete or mortar that will be smoothed and leveled up evenly in relation to the rest of the surface. This will be followed up by priming the surface ensuring it is not bumpy. The surface will be covered by another thin layer of concrete and smoothed up by a trowel. At this stage, you can also add some decorations such as color or decorative stones and cover the surface for protection against external elements such as stepping on or dirt.

After this process is done, ensure your driveway or patio is out of use for like three to four days. During this time period, you should cure the surface by sprinkling water evenly on the surface to strengthen it.  If you need help with this contact: concrete contractors Temple


  • Concrete resurfacing is cheap in relation to labor and cost of raw materials
  • Concrete resurfacing takes a short duration
  • The process will serve to regain the appeal of your walkway or driveway


  • Seen as a temporary restoration process as it does not permanently repair the concrete surface
  • Not suitable in instances of large cracks and holes

Concrete Replacement

Concrete replacement involves the saw cutting of the concrete surface and excavating the whole concrete mass setting stage for the setting up of a new concrete surface. The area is first evaluated for any mishaps cause probability like power lines or water passageways. Once the evaluation is done the concrete surface is demolished and excavated to the desired depth.

Replacement will involve the reinforcing the region followed by pouring of the concrete mixture over the exposed set surface to the desired depth and then structured accordingly in relation to tastes. A brush or trowel finishing process is recommended to even the surface. A four to seven-day curing regime involving sprinkling water evenly at regular intervals should be done at the same time ensuring the surface is protected from external elements such as dirt.


  • Long lasting repair mode
  • Suitable for cracks and large holes
  • Enables the total redesigning of the driveway, walkway or patio
  • Rejuvenates your deteriorated concrete surface


  • Expensive to carry out in terms of labor and raw material costs
  • Takes a lot of time to complete
  • The excavation process may be hazardous in case of underlying power lines or water drainage systems


In conclusion, these two methods of concrete surface rejuvenation are versatile to serve deferent purposes. Concrete resurfacing is recommendable in instances of temporary engagements or tight budget costs. It is also advisable where the rate of deterioration is not severe.

On the other hand concrete replacement is advisable in long-term engagements without a tight budget flow and in instances where the rate of wear and tear is severe leading to huge cracks and holes.